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Church and Civil

In 1859, the civil registration law was passed in Mexico and standardized forms were used to record vital record information. But not everybody adhered to this law until 1867 when civil registration was strongly enforced. So to find birth, marriage and death information for persons who lived in Mexico, use civil records after the years noted. This will verify the place of residence of an ancestor as well. It will also verify family information. However, do not omit searching church records. You will want to search in church records before 1867 and also after. Don't forget to make note of the witnesses at the registration or event. They may be relatives or friends which you may want t

Write a biography

Do you think you have exhausted all the sources available to locate your missing ancestor? Perhaps it's time to write that ancestor's biography. Write down everything you have found out about your ancestor. Do you know the birthdate? How about the location of the birth, the marriage, or the city where the marriage took place. Do you know the occupation? How about the siblings, or other relatives? How about the neighbors? Write all these things down and any others that you know. Then see if you can then create another research plan with these things in mind.




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