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Using Yearbooks

Use google or google books to search for yearbooks. Ancestry has some online. Try to find the title of the yearbook. Not only will it help you cite the source, but it might be easier to find.

Family Reunions

We all know that family reunions are wonderful for discovering our family history. But wait, you say, our family doesn't have family reunions! Well, maybe you can get in touch with a cousin and plan one. As long as you have a date, a venue, entertainment and food, you're good to go. Ask everyone attending to bring some photos and with these smartphones, you can scan as many as you want. Just make sure that you identify the ones you took. Ask questions, try to get aunts, uncles, and cousins to come to your reunion.

You Know What It's Like

You know what it's like when you're on the trail of what you think might be the beginning of knocking down your brick wall. I just couldn't leave that trail. I thought I found some record in the civil registrations in Mexico, but alas it was not to be. Or maybe it is. I just can't connect him to anyone because no other names were mentioned. Anyway, what I realized is that sometimes you need to start over. I pretended that I was just starting the search. I looked at all my records and kept a list of where I had searched before. I perused my records for any information I had missed the first time. I didn't want to duplicate the search. I just wanted to "research" my search. Then I c




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