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Finding Family

Yesterday, I realized something. All tips that I write about are things that have come up as I do my own research. I have told you to search under a mother's maiden name if you can't find the family. Usually, a woman will use her maiden name, in Hispanic families, after her husband passes. This would be a way to search for the woman and her children, by searching under her maiden name. But did you realize that there is one more way that I neglected to mention. If the woman remarries, her children belonging to her previous husband might be listed under the new husband's surname, especially in the census. Sometimes, you don't realize that you know what you know and forget to share it.

Your Story

You know how everyone in genealogy tells you to write your story because you'll never finish searching for your family? All of a sudden, you'll realize that time is flying by and twenty years before, you had decided to write your story but you haven't even started yet. Well, I have a suggestion. To get started, set aside in your daily calendar thirty minutes that you will write something for your book. If nothing else, think about how to set up your book. In other words, write an outline of what your book will consist of. Then start filling in the various parts of the book. Create a folder on your desk top with folders inside for every part of your book. Then write and file.




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