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Reviewing your data

Don't assume that all vital records are correct. In looking over my grandmother's death record, I noticed that her mother had an incorrect surname listed. The informant was her son in law and apparently he did not know her correct surname. The same error was found in my great grandfather's death record: I believe when the informant (a son in law) was questioned about his (gr-grandfather's) mother, he gave the name of his wife instead.

Holidays and all

Happy New Year! I've been ill and celebrating the new year and visiting with family and enjoying grandchildren and, and, and... Anyway, I've come back to blogging. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not tied to blogging. I treat it as a kind of diary. I post when I have something to say. My post for today has to do with siblings. Do you look for the siblings of your ancestors? Many times, we're happy to find an ancestor and stop there. We don't try to look for the siblings. So always look for the siblings' records; you never know what additional information you'll find.




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