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Collateral Relatives

Research the siblings of your grandparents. You might find information that you've been looking for. Or research the siblings of your great grandparents. You never know where you're going to find that ancestor. I found an ancestor on the census that I didn't know was there. I had searched for my husband's great grandmother's family and I found them - all of course with the same surname. When I was looking for information about them, I found his great-grandmother's will. She named her two daughters as administrators. One was his (my husband's) grandmother and the other was her sister. Both were listed with the married surnames. Then I went back to the last census that I had for them

Other than Libraries

I am searching for my husband's great-grandfather and through the census, I learned he was a ship's captain. He married a woman from Newburgh, New York but in the census he lived in Brooklyn, New York. What was he doing in Newburgh when he met her? Where did they get married? John and Katherine had my husband's grandfather, William Joseph in 1889 in Newburgh, but their daughter, Johanna, was born in Brooklyn five years later. Upon review of the census again, it appeared that they had three children but only two living. The Hudson River goes from New York to Newburgh and John's a ship's captain. Hummmm. It's time to write a letter to the town historian.

Taking Advantage of Time Spent at Home

Have you been taking advantage of the time you've been spending at home? Have you decided to declutter your genealogy area? How about writing about your experience during this pandemic? I've been keeping a daily journal with thoughts about this pandemic so that this leaves a recording of this time for my grandchildren. My grandfather died of the Spanish Flu. I wished I had a written account of that time from my family. Are taking advantage of all this time to write another chapter in your book? In keeping with this activity, I took a four week online class about writing about your family. This is not the first time I have taken a class but I learn something new each time. I hope yo

Looking at old notes

We all know that we have to go over old notes that we've made over the years. I keep my old notes in a file. It's nice that I can go back and read them and perhaps get a new perspective on researching a particular ancestor. Or perhaps you made a note to go back and search a particular book or website. I don't throw away notes that have information on them that I think I might want to go back to. Save your notes.




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