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Death Causes

As I'm writing my story, I came across my family's death certificates. I realized that the causes of their deaths form a pattern. I made up an excel spreadsheet so that I could create a Cause of Death List. I listed as many ancestors that I could find who had a death certificate or a death notice that listed cause of death. I am going to include this list in my book. It's important to know if certain diseases run in the family. For my family, it's cancer and heart disease.

Editing Your Information

One of the things I've done during this pandemic is going back over my research and looking at all the data that doesn't have a source. I did that in the beginning, you know. I was just so happy to find something that I just filled in my data without writing the source. You live and learn. Anyway, as I'm writing my family's story, I've gone back and sourced the information that doesn't have any. So far, so good. I've found most of the ones I had and now they're properly sourced.




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