My Favorite Book

I suppose, like me, that you have quite a genealogy library. Although I wouldn't have bought them if I didn't like them, I did buy a book that is extra special. Do you have one? I bought "Matrimonios del antiguo Valle del Guaxuco, (Villa de Santiago, N. L.) de 1745 a 1796" by Hector Javier Barbosa Alaniz, 2005. At the time, all I knew of my paternal ancestors was that my great grandfather came from there. I found that out through his marriage record. I bought this book from an online bookstore and I knew was that I had a lot of unknown ancestors from 1858 to 1796. I had not reached there yet. My great grandfather was born in 1858 and that's all I knew. Well, after researching several years, I finally was able to use the book. I have found many, many ancestors in this book. It is my favorite. Every day, I make another discovery in this book. Do you have a favorite book? Let me know. I'd love to hear which is your favorite.