Keeping Good Census Records

Yesterday I found myself again leaving organizing my records to bringing my census records up to date for one of my ancestor lines. I had created an information page on my families so that I could track their census information. On this page, which I had created on Excel, I had printed the ancestor's name and his wife on the top of the page. I then added columns with the space for the census year, where located and date. On each column, I added the information from each of the census, including children or boarders and corresponding ages. When comparing census year to census year, I noted if some of the children were missing. I then surmised that they had either married or died. In the same year, I looked on several pages before and after to see if I could find that child. I also looked on subsequent census years for that family. After filling in the information I had missed, I then went back to organizing.

How do you keep track of your ancestor from the census?