County Histories

Sometimes you find your ancestors in places you never imagined. I had been searching for my husband's great grandfather for several years. I was hoping to find his death certificate with his parents' names. I knew his family came to the United States from Germany in 1887. His wife and four children were listed on the passenger list, but I couldn't find him. I surmised that he had come earlier to have a place for them to live and also to find a job. I found them on the 1892 New York Census and also on the 1900 census. By then, his wife had died. Then they disappeared. I did a wide search on google and found them in the 1910 Census in Arkansas. Two of the brothers and their father owned some land. I then traced one brother to Colorado and then on to Idaho. The other brother remained in Arkansas with his wife. Apparently they had no children. In another of my google searches, I found their story in the County History in Arkansas. What a find!