Researching Mexican Records

I used to write the newsletter for our society and I used to include hints or advice. I came across this one recently and thought I'd include it. When doing research in Mexican records, there are some facts that will help you. Civil registration was mandated in 1859 but was not widely practiced. Researching Church records is the best method of doing research. Remember that in many records, every boy (man) had a first name of Jose and every girl (woman) had the first name of Maria. Until 1822, almost all church records gave a racial classification for people baptized or married. Mexican spelling was varied with “b” and “v” interchangeable as well as “s” and “c” , and “I” and “Y”, i.e. Sisneros, Cisneros, Ynes, Ines, Ynojosa, Inojosa. Sometimes you’ll find not only the parents listed, but the grandparents as well. Conversely, you’ll find “padres no conocidos”, also. In cases like that, look for siblings and their baptismal or marriage records. They might have the parents or grandparents listed.