Google Tip

Google Tip You should always be aware that a name can appear differently in different sources. For example, “Andres Medrano” might appear in an article. On the other hand, “Medrano, Andres” might appear in a county record. For that reason, genealogists should always be sure to search for at least three variations of an ancestor’s name. The three ways I might search for Andres Medrano might be “Andres Medrano” (note the quotes), OR “Medrano, Andres” Or “Andres * Medrano”. The asterisk indicates that there might be a character or string of characters between Andres and Medrano, ex., Andres Jose Medrano. This does not mean that you might not find another variation. You should also be open to interpreting a misspelling of Andres or Medrano. In one instance, I was looking for Ildefonso Medrano and I finally found him in an indexing of county marriages but I found him as "Alfonse Medrun". He was married to Cleta Lopez and she was listed as "Leta Lopez".