Census again

The census gives us so much information that we use it again and again. We probably search the same way over and over. But consider that we need to vary the way we search. Perhaps search by given name and location. Add birth date if known. Or search using the name of a child, if known. Don't forget to search by parents' names. I searched for John Ryan and his wife Johanna in Newburgh, New York. I followed all the census until the census that showed that Johanna was not listed. I then searched for her death between those ten years. Then John disappeared. I then searched for the two daughters that had appeared with him in the last census. I found them but did not find John so I searched for a death between those ten years. I continued searching for the two daughters using the same address that had been listed in the census. I continued searching until I couldn't find them. So I have started looking for death certificates for those two unmarried daughters.