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Writing your Story

If you're like me, you don't just do one thing at a time. I'm trying to write my family story, but at the same time, I'm also researching, helping other people research and indexing. I found the best form to use for my book. It's a quick way of writing a short synopsis of my ancestor's life. In other words, it's a one page story. It will be perfect for an ancestor that I don't know that much about, but would like to include him in my book. He is one of four siblings, a brother to my grandfather. It's something you can complete in one 30 minute session and it's very attractive. It has a short introduction with a few details, such as date of birth, where born, and date of death. All this is in a square box. Then it has a space for his picture and on the side of the picture, it has space for some information about his life: all neat, attractive and complete. My advice is don't be afraid to use forms that you see on other sites and Pinterest. If you can't download, design it yourself.




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