Local Histories

Local histories can be invaluable when searching for families. When researching my husband's maternal grandmother's family, I was lost. Not only did I not know her name (although my mother-in-law told me they referred to her as Grandma Grace) but did not know her surname either. Apparently this lack of knowledge was because she and my husband's grandfather divorced when his father was young. She did not visit or see her children after that. My husband's father was raised by his father and grandmother in Brooklyn. Eventually, I learned her name by locating the marriage document. That was not an easy task because the grandfather's name was misspelled on that document. Then I located her family in Brooklyn and discovered that they arrived in New York and that they were German. I found the ship's passenger list and the date they arrived. Four years later, my husband's grandmother was born in Brooklyn. The last census I found them in was 1900 in Brooklyn. Where did they go?