Attending conferences

First of all, I cannot believe how long it's been since I posted. With one thing and another, one illness after another, I had no time to devote to this blog.

Time to catch up. I've made many discoveries while recuperating. Even though I'm not in the best of health, it hasn't stopped me from attending conferences. Limping or not, here I come. While attending the Hispanic Conference in Dallas, I thumbed through another society's annual journal. A name caught my eye. Sure enough it was my ancestor's sister. She is buried along with some of her children and her husband in the cemetery at the Alamo, or Mission San Antonio de Valero as it was called them. She was listed as one of the burials She was apparently killed by Apache Indians in 1731. Apparently, she accompanied her soldier husband and children to settle the area. They were part of the Ramon Expedition in 1718. I had no idea. I lost track of her after the birth of three children.