New Projects

Now that I'm not busy with the details of the conference, it's time to outline what I want to do this coming year. I know it's not the new year, but it's time to get started for me. I will be visiting my son through the end of December and I want to organize my own schedule. In between listening to webinars, talking classes, and researching all those cousins that I skipped over when I started with genealogy, I will devote some of my time to starting a new (for me) kind of scrapbooking. So, working with photographs will take some of my time next year. Have you tried scrapbooking with post card size tagboard? I read about this idea in Pinterest, so I tried it. I will do both downloading photographs onto the tagboard and also using the photos themselves. I prefer white tagboard (or Avery postcards) so that I can write a very brief description of the photo, identification, dates, child of, member of which family, etc. I will put these in sheet protectors (for postcards) and create a binder. These will be left for my daughter to be able to identify all the photos I have. I think it's a neat project. I will have two binders, one for my side of the family and one for my husband's. I can't wait to get started.