I was asked to do a presentation on "Finding your Elusive Ancestor" or in my case "Finding Grandma Grace". I am telling you I am most proud of finding my husband's grandmother whom he didn't know. Her name was not even Grace which was what his mother told him was her name. It turned out to be Gertrude Margareth Wenzig. The funny thing that happened during this presentation was that as I looked out at the audience, I saw three people sleeping. Or maybe they were thinking hard and had to close their eyes to do so. So I started to laugh in the middle of my presentation. I had to apologize and hope that the audience did not think I had gone off the deep end. Anyway, throughout the presentation, I had to chuckle. In another blog post, I will tell you how I found "Grandma Grace." For now, I am still laughing. I wonder how many presenters go through this and how they are able to hold the laughter back.