It's almost time for the new year. Have you decided what you're going to focus on? Your brick wall is probably a good choice. A suggestion is to pretend you're starting all over. Review your documents as though it's the first time you are researching. As you search the census, keep records. If you don't find anything, make a record that you didn't find anything. This is where you need to remember the FAN Club. Don't forget to use the census comparison form. If you don't have one, format it yourself. As I write this, I'm not at home. But if you will remind me, I can attach one and send it out at another time. If you're searching for Hispanic women, you might want to look for them using their maiden name. Most Hispanic women retained their maiden name and used it after their husbands passed away. I found my gr-gr-aunt and her children with her maiden name, even though they had their father's surname.

Happy New Year.