Sources and Documents

I believe I already stated that when I started on my genealogical journal I had to research by going to libraries and using films, or writing lots and lots of letters. That wasn't a problem because I had the physical copy and could file them in a folder labeled as whatever it was. Now, though, I save digital copies. I still save them in a folder on my computer but I have to have a way of identifying them. I save these documents in the individual family folders, but I must have a way of identifying them. I use a simple method: For example, if I have saved a baptismal certificate I download it and name it for the head of the household. I use a method that I read about many years ago and it works for me. My husband's family might be thus: MullaleyMichael_Edward_bap_1901.jpg. A census page might be MullaleyMichael1900.jpg. Everything in Michael Mullaley's folder has individual folders containing the different sources of information for each child. I can metadata if I want. Don't forget the details: ex. Enumeration Dist for Example. Baptism? - church, city, etc. Simple.